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Grassington CE (VC) Primary School, Acre Lane, Grassington, BD23 5LB

Telephone: 01756 752365.   

Click to open our mail link: admin[at]grassington.n-yorks.sch.uk

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Head Teacher: Mrs Libby Wheildon

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Grassington C of E (VC) Primary School

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The Cluster . . . .

‘ . . . the whole is more than the sum of its parts . . . ’

Grassington CE (Voluntary Control) Primary School is one of six schools (Threshfield, Cracoe and Rylstone, Burnsall, Kettlewell and Beamsley) in the Upper Wharfedale Cluster of schools. We combine to create opportunities for children in every year group to interact with others from our local schools and to give a forum for teachers to share ideas, group developments and staff training projects, leading to mutually beneficial results in all our individual schools

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